A Gift Like No Other


Christian families in Niger are each donating the money to purchase one micro-SD card for Words of Hope to load with Christian content and gift to a nonbeliever in the community.

These cards can be inserted in phones and play 300 gospel messages and Christian songs. Giving these small cards away is an incredibly effective way to share the gospel in Nigerien communities, and at less than $5 per card, it is an affordable strategy as well. 

But it is not affordable for the people living there. The $5 it takes to purchase one of these cards is the equivalent of a full day’s wages for many Nigerien families. These Christians are faithfully giving back to the Lord out of the little they have, because they want their neighbors to know Christ.

Micro-SD cards are tiny—about the size of your thumb-nail. But they are a gift like no other! Knowing that someone can hear the gospel for the first time for just $5 is thrilling to me! But even better, individual cards are already being listened to by groups of people, helping the good news to reach even farther!

In one village in Niger, a local hairdresser named Hadiza was given an SD card with Words of Hope programs. Hadiza braids hair for many of the women living in nearby villages. 

Though not yet a Christian herself, Hadiza was intrigued by the messages she heard on the card and decided to continue listening to the programs while braiding her customers’ hair. She and her clients have begun discussing the messages while they spend time together. 

Now, some of her customers are even asking for their own copies of the programs! As Hadiza shares the gospel with her customers, the reach of one SD card multiplies! But we need your help to increase the supply available so even more can hear!

You can make it possible to expand the reach of this ministry, in Niger and around the world. You can give a gift like no other, because during this hard season, Christ’s birth is still cause for hope, and the world needs to know!