A Note of Thanks for the Devotional

Devotional, English

It is because of the donations of supporters like you that Words of Hope continues to be able to supply print copies of the devotional for free to those who ask for it. Over these months of stay at home orders, printing costs have increased and we will need additional support in order to continue providing bulk supplies of the devotional in our usual quantities.

A recent note received from the chaplain of a corrections institution in Hawaii shows just how important the devotionals are to inmates. 

The Words of Hope devotionals we have received were surely welcomed and greatly appreciated, and as always we are in constant gratitude for your kindness. 

The devotionals are great tools for the men here to draw closer to our Lord Jesus. Before we even place them on the shelves, the men here request them in advance because they enjoy the daily reading and inspiring stories. We would love to continue to receive these devotionals so that the men can continue to grow in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thank you again for all your support for this prison community that lives on the donations we receive. Your continued support provides our chapel with the foundational truth that Jesus Christ brings, which will later produce good fruit in the lives of our men