A Personal Note


You are sharing the good news with Tibetans—one handwritten note at a time.

Holistic Ministry

Tibetans are one of the least evangelized people groups in the world, but because of your support, the good news continues to reach them.

Words of Hope’s Tibetan partners produce radio programs and print resources for Tibetan speakers—both those still living inside the country, and the many who have fled their homeland to take up residence in neighboring Bhutan, India, or Nepal.

Words of Hope’s Tibetan media topics include health information, jokes, Tibetan and Christian songs, and moral teaching from the Bible. Tibetan Buddhist readers and listeners do not find the Christian messages shared to be offensive. Instead, many express appreciation for Jesus’ teachings.

“We are very careful,” explains the director for Tibetan outreach. “We don’t have to compare Jesus to anybody. We don’t talk badly about other religions. All we do is share the good news, and it is good news! We share the good news, and God touches hearts. We don’t have to bring anybody down or up. Christ is risen himself, and he stands above.”

Reaching Out

Last year, before Christmas, the Tibetan outreach team packaged up more than 170 boxes filled with literature and CDs to send to people. Resources were individually chosen for each recipient, depending on what interests individuals and groups had expressed. Then, one by one, team members wrote letters by hand to accompany each package.

This process of individualized outreach is tedious, but effective. The packages are thoroughly taped in order to survive the rough treatment of the post. Intricate records are maintained by the team so that they know what people have received in the past. And finally, team members deliver packages to the post office in shifts, since authorities only allow a handful of packages to be sent at a time.

Further to Go

Now the Tibetan outreach team is busy once again, preparing packages for distributions that will be sent out in time for the Tibetan New Year, which takes place in February. Thousands of letters are being written, folded, and included with the resources. Once again, packages will be delivered by the post office. But now, team members will also be travelling to meet with some of the individuals in person.

Through your prayers and support, many Tibetans will receive personalized outreach through these visits and notes in the next weeks. Please pray for the safety of the outreach team during this time of travel.  

“We make contact and continue to build bridges of friendship,” explains the director. “Despite opposition in many places, we see that people are seeking and searching for the truth. Over the years of being involved in ministry to the Tibetans, we have learnt that we need to be patient when we sow seeds among them. God will bring the fruit in his own time.”