Albanian Interviews Aired on TV


Some time ago, Words of Hope’s team in Albania launched a project called, “The Truth I Hold.” The goal was to interview over 300 Albanian Christians about their conversion stories and about how their faith in Christ has impacted their lives. These programs were initially broadcast on radio.

More recently, some of the most popular interviews were prepared for television. The video footage was edited to compose 25-30 minute TV programs to be broadcast on TV-7, Albania’s only Christian television station.

The videos have been well-received so far. Since the stories are the real-life experiences of people living in Albania today, those who watch often find common ground with what they are hearing. One viewer commented: “Very beautiful and encouraging story! May the Almighty bless you and use you for his glory!”

Believers are encouraged as they see how others have remained faithful amid fear of persecution. And those who claim no faith for themselves are beginning to open their hearts to the truth. “Interesting story,” wrote another viewer. “Accepting change shows strength of character.”

One Albanian Christian wrote to tell us about his friend who was an unbeliever and who had always avoided the topic of faith. One day, the unbelieving friend watched one of “The Truth I Hold” interviews on television. In the program, an Albanian Christian shared about growing up in a firmly atheist family, yet still deciding to take the step of believing in Christ himself when he was older.

The atheist friend had always thought of Christianity as illogical—a religion without proof. But while listening to the interview, he learned how faith and logic can go hand in hand.

Now, after having avoided the topic of faith for so long, the atheist is for the first time approaching his Christian friend, and asking to learn more about the Bible! We are thankful for how God is working through these programs. And we are thankful for the prayers and support of people like you, who continue to make this outreach possible!