April Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

WORLDWIDE—Hallelujah what a Savior!! He is risen, He is risen indeed!! Rejoice with brothers and sisters in Christ as we celebrate our risen Lord. Pray for the ministry of Words of Hope, seeking to spread this good news to many of the hard-to-reach places of the world.

TURKEY—Give thanks for radio outreach in the city of Samsun on the north coast of Turkey and launched in 2015 by Shema Media Group and Words of Hope. The church there shares: “We often have new members who come to us because they’ve listened to the radio. Dozens of people have shared their testimonies about starting their spiritual journeys by tuning in to the local station. It has played a significant part in their acceptance of the gospel. They are now believers who are involved in our church.”

INDIA—Intercede for this month’s writers’ workshop. “Pray for the provisions and for good weather. May God bring people of His will and grant them a teachable spirit that they would be utilized for the glory of God.” Pray for the staff of Good Books Educational Trust as they facilitate this transformational event.

SOUTH SUDAN—Uphold in prayer the new Archbishop of the Church of South Sudan, Justin Badi Arama. Give thanks that the election went well and showed no signs of tribalism. The on-going civil war is “a challenge for the church and for somebody coming into a leadership position at this time,“ he shares. “But we feel that maybe this is what God has called us ready for such a time. With experience and God’s guidance, we will make all the effort to have a united people and change the hearts of people that they might embrace peace and work for real reconciliation and unity—not just political reconciliation. Pray for God’s guidance, and for a ‘soft ground’ for the message of peace and reconciliation as we hope for peace in this country to end the suffering.” Pray it may be so.

ENGLISH MINISTRY—Continue in prayer for the outreach of the weekly “Groundwork” radio program with David Bast and Scott Hoezee.

NIGER—Give thanks for the partnership with the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN). “Ten years of faithfulness, ten years of support, ten years of compassion,” shares Secretary for Global Partnerships Issaka Moussa. “We really appreciate the heart of Words of Hope people with us. We thank God for all that He is doing.”

PRISON OUTREACH—“There are no words I could find to thank you for your devotional. For many, many years now, your Words of Hope devotional has helped me start my day with hope, love, peace, strength, and Jesus,” writes an inmate. “Thank you for what you do around the world, but also, thank you for what you have done for me.” Praise God for the impact of the devotional in the lives of numerous prisoners.

INDIA—Give thanks for an encouraging report from producer Sadiq Masih concerning the Dogri language broadcast: “We were able to meet some new listeners and start radio fellowships in new places where people do not have access to a church. Many people are demanding the radio program be loaded in their mobile SD card. They are continually listening to God’s Word and becoming stronger in their faith and prayer life.”

TURKEY—Turkish ministry partner, Shema Media Group, is “full of anticipation about opening a radio station in Mardin (southeast Turkey). Already many people have agreed to partner with us in this new venture, and we eagerly look forward to expanding into this new area.” Pray for this exciting project “to bring hope and peace into this new region.”

TIBET, INDIA—Pray for the ongoing outreach of Tibetan partner, Gaweylon, in distributing literature and CDs, even to Buddhist monasteries. A monk in a large monastery in South India has been a regular listener for many years. He called saying: “The radio programs are heard clearly in my area and I enjoy them. I have received the parcel of materials that you sent and have distributed them to people in the monastery.” Pray for this unique opportunity.

NEPAL—Continue to pray for the construction of a new ministry center to replace the previous building damaged by an earthquake and now demolished. Construction is estimated to take two years, with completion in early 2020. Pastor Arbin Pokharel shares: “We have been amazed at how God has continued to provide, for this we are profoundly grateful.”

INDONESIA—Uphold in prayer the outreach in the Torajan language to the Toraja [“people of the uplands”] living in a mountainous region of South Sulawesi. Pray for the people to become free from their traditions, especially their morbid preoccupation with death, and to find freedom in Christ. Give thanks for Words of Hope’s Indonesian partnership with Back to God Ministries International and the indigenous organization YKB (Yayasan Komunikasi Bersama).

IRAN—“How blessed we are to have God’s Word in the form of the Bible. Praise God for recent opportunities to share His Word. Please pray that each copy would get into the hands of believers and seekers and result in changed lives, families, communities…” And continually pray for protection, security, and encouragement for all staff and listeners.

SOUTH ASIA—Continue to pray for the ongoing radio programs and website broadcasts in the languages of Hindi, Dogri, Garhwali, Kashmiri, and Dzongkha. Pray that the producers would always be guided by the Holy Spirit. Pray also that writers might be found for the production of programs in four new languages (Urdu, Ladakhi, Kangri, and Haryanavi).

NIGER—Studio director Rev. Soumaila Labo shares: “Intercede for the producers so that they have more inspiration in the preparation of the messages. May the Lord make each of them a source of blessing. Pray with us so that the harvest is more abundant. Pray that those interested in the gospel might have the light that will lead them to Christ.” Pray also for those known to have given their lives to Christ that their faith would grow and not waver.