April Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

TIBET: Give thanks for a regular program listener named Tsomo who recently made contact with Words of Hope Tibet after a long period of no communication. We found out that he has been listening to the programs now for more than six years. We always write to him and send him resources two times per year. Finally, Tsomo wrote back to us again to let us know that many people in his area make sure to be home by 5:30 PM in order to listen to the programs!

SOUTH SUDAN: Please pray for provision for training for Words of Hope programmers in South Sudan who need to learn how to use new technology. Also give thanks for how the ministry in South Sudan is growing and transforming. A local church received more than 10,000 worshippers over Christmas and New Years. Our producers report that program listeners are accepting the message of peace that Words of Hope is sharing.   

NEPAL: Please be in prayer for our Nepali ministry leader who is leading a process of discussion, planning, and revision for the radio ministry. He has been calling the various radio stations that we broadcast on in order to gain a better understanding of the current effectiveness of our programming. Please pray for guidance in deciding which radio stations to broadcast on in the future, and for help to be as effective as possible with limited resources.

NIGER: Please pray for two of our partner radio stations in Niger. Both have run into issues with the Nigerien government, which has resulted in them being temporarily suspended from broadcasting. Please pray that these situations could be resolved quickly so that Words of Hope programming can soon be back on the air. Give thanks for the many Nigeriens we know of who are faithful listeners to these broadcasts.

TURKEY: In a recently published report on human rights violations within the country, it was determined that last year saw a decrease in hate crimes and physical attacks against Christians and churches in Turkey. However, there was a significant increase in hate speech leveled against Christianity and designed to incite suspicion of Christians among the general public. Pray for protection and encouragement for Christians living in Turkey.

INDIA: Give thanks for an encouraging staff retreat held recently for all Words of Hope South Asia staff. The team members had opportunities to spend time together, learn new skills, and share progress reports. Sessions included topics on how to practice personal discipline as a Christian leader, how to communicate effectively using social media, and learning elements of better writing.

ARABIC: After the recent attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, tensions in Arabic-speaking countries have increased. Please pray that in the aftermath of these evil attacks, Christians may act with kindness toward Muslims in ways that demonstrate the example of Jesus. May the peace and forgiveness of the Lord be evident in the reactions of everyone involved.

BHUTAN: The radio signal reception for our programs in Bhutan has been poor lately, and our producers report that increasingly, listeners are asking to receive more communications via television and smartphones. Pray that our team in Bhutan could learn how to leverage digital and social media in new and effective ways to meet the needs of the listeners. Also pray that signal reception for the radio programs could be improved.

INDONESIA: Give thanks for the formation of a new Creative Media Ministry Department for Words of Hope Indonesian programming. This team is in charge of handling television, audiovisual, web, and social media ministry. Please pray for guidance regarding the print devotional aspect of the ministry. It has been difficult to find good writers for the devotionals. It is also a challenge for the team to figure out how to market them effectively.

UGANDA: Please pray for Executive Director Titus Baraka and local board member Latimer as they travel together to Tanzania. Words of Hope receives many requests for new partnerships in Africa, and these leaders are discerning to what extent we can extend our current outreach efforts to reach people living in one of the more remote regions of Tanzania, which borders Uganda to the south.

ALBANIA: Give thanks for encouraging responses from Albanians to the Christmas programming aired at the end of last year. Both churches and individuals have been in touch with our Words of Hope Albanian team, and we are thankful that many churches are now asking to receive the print devotional for their congregations. Give thanks for God’s faithfulness in drawing people to himself in the previously atheist country of Albania.

IRAN: We are thankful to have found someone who can produce audio books in Persian for Words of Hope! One book has already been completed, and a second is now in process. Please pray that our online radio listenership will continue to grow, and that our expanding team of Persian ministry workers will find creative ways to work together as a team despite being physically located far apart from each other.