August Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

SOUTH ASIA—“We thank and praise God for His faithfulness and mercies enabling us to reach the unreached,” shares the Director for South Asia in response to a recent Seekers Meeting with a small congregation of 32 families, all new Christians. Four radios were distributed to the congregation, and families are now gathering to listen to the radio programs together.

NIGER—Praise God that program recording recently resumed in the hard-to-reach Kanuri language by a newly recruited indigenous producer. Niger director notes, “By the grace of God the next quarter we will begin test airings of these broadcasts through a radio station in the eastern Niger target area.” Intercede also for the family of the previous producer who passed away before any of his broadcasts could be aired.

UGANDA—Uphold Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung during his three-week visit to Uganda and Kenya. He will participate in the official launch of Words of Hope Uganda’s new FM station in Mbarara. He will also meet with various Ugandan church leaders and evangelists.

IRAN—Join us in celebrating the successful launch of the Persian language radio app. There were risks involved in moving from shortwave to digital, but one of the advantages was being able to reach people all around the world. With only a couple weeks of data, there are already listeners from places expected, such as Iran and Turkey, but there are also listeners from the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, South Korea, Austria, and Sweden!

TURKEY—Pray for the full release of American pastor Andrew Brunson who has been imprisoned in Turkey for three years. Late last month he was moved to house arrest pending his next hearing in October.

NIGER—Director Soumaila Labo writes, “New converts in Muslim-majority countries face persecution from the earliest days following their conversion. Pray for a new believer in Téssaoua who is being persecuted by his own mother. Pray also for a police officer with a Christian father and Muslim mother who is experiencing persecution from his law enforcement colleagues.”

KOSOVO—Give thanks for last month’s Impact Kosovo outreach effort. Albanian Director Roni Prendi, reports, “Teams of believers from several EU nations, Turkey, U.K., and Albania joined the week-long effort to reach Kosovo’s lost. Pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of the 300+ participants to see the love that Christ poured out for them on the cross. Pray also that the local churches of Kosovo will be joyful, encouraged, and courageous as they seek to harvest fruit from this effort.”

SOUTH ASIA—Give thanks for recent Vacation Bible Schools organized by Good Books Educational Trust and held at various churches in outlying villages. Parents are happy to have their children attend and then share what they have learned. Praise God for a church in Iowa who used funds from their own VBS to help support these VBS gatherings in India.

WORDS OF HOPE—“I want to once again express my heartfelt thanks for your support of this prison ministry,” writes a chaplain in Hawaii. “We received the shipment of the Words of Hope devotional, and the feedback we are receiving is praiseworthy. Your devotional keeps the men rooted and grounded in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Your donations of material to this prison ministry are greatly appreciated and needed.” Continue to pray for this outreach ministry.

UGANDA—Words of Hope Uganda’s assistant director Godfrey Kyome writes: “Recent Words of Hope devotional writings have challenged many people here. When we share them on social media it challenges many.” Thank God for the growing impact of the Ugandan version of Words of Hope’s daily meditations.

TIBET—Tibetan partner Gaweylon’s director writes, “We serve a mighty and caring God. We see His faithful provision in our difficult situations. We are grateful to our many praying friends and supporters who lovingly support and regularly pray for this ministry. Each day the radio programs are faithfully prepared and recorded for broadcast by the team. Praise God for good program reception these past month with little interference.”

SOUTH ASIA—In addition to radio programs and print materials, there are now new initiatives as well in social media. “God is helping us to produce programs for social media (Facebook/YouTube) to reach out to a widely spread audience with the gospel. Tree of Life and the Daily Devotional are on Hindi channels, and Knowledge to Wisdom is in English and consists of a systematic Bible Study Guide.”

SOUTH SUDAN—Continue to intercede for Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung as travels on from Uganda to meet with Nuer broadcasting partner Trans World Radio Kenya. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance in planning meetings with East Africa Director Titus Baraka, Nuer producers John Jiath and Moses Gatbel Puot, and leaders of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan.

INDIA—Uphold in prayer Word of Hope’s Jon Opgenorth and Daniel Harris as they travel to India for the annual meeting of Good Books Educational Trust. Pray for clear direction and the presence of the Holy Spirit as plans are finalized for the coming year.

NIGER—”We are grateful to the Lord for all that He does in us and with us. We are the beneficiaries, living witnesses of the miracles He performs every day. With our gratitude for your continued commitment to our side, we glory in His holy name.” [Soumaila Labo]

WORDS OF HOPE—Continue in prayer for the upcoming Word of Hope Annual Board of Direction Meeting to be held September 27-28.