August Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

Turkey — Give thanks that Words of Hope Turkey continues to be allowed to broadcast programs every week. We do not take the opportunity to broadcast without interruption for granted, as the government is not always supportive of religious freedom in this country. Give thanks for the Lord’s caring protection for our Turkish producer, and pray that he would be granted insight as he works to prepare programs. 

Iran — Give thanks for the reach of Words of Hope’s Iranian social media ministry. Approximately 60 comments and messages are received on Facebook every day by the team, and they work hard to respond to each note daily. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and other social media sites are being used by the team for outreach as well, and the audience is growing across all of the platforms. 

South Sudan — Give thanks that the region in which our producers are living is experiencing relative peace. Pray for open hearts as people listen to the radio broadcasts we are sharing, which focus on peace, reconciliation, and harmony. Pray that more people in South Sudan would turn their hearts to Christ, and leave violent ways behind them. Pray that stability would return to this nation, and that people’s everyday needs would be met.  

Tibet — Give thanks for the impact of the daily Tibetan programs. They are listened to not only by Tibetans living in the country itself, but also by those living in nearby India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The programs feature Christian messages, stories, and music, as well as reporting about topics like health, history, and culture, making the programs appealing to a broad audience. Pray that each new program produced would bring more listeners to Christ. 

English — The Words of Hope daily devotional goes out to thousands of readers every day via email. Please pray for these readers’ spiritual growth and encouragement as they read today. Pray also for new plans to expand this list, and share the devotional with readers who have not yet come into contact with Words of Hope. May these new readers be blessed and challenged as they take time in God’s word each day. 

Niger — We are thankful that the team was able to distribute radios to many listeners. Give thanks that Nigerien team members were kept safe during the distribution. Pray that discipleship programming would help to nurture faith for those in the country who already know Christ. Recent topics include staying strong under persecution, giving offerings to God, and practicing contentment.  

India — Lift up in prayer the many Words of Hope team members producing programs in various languages in India. Pray that the Lord would keep them safe and grant them good health. Pray that they would be encouraged as they create original radio programming and work to translate the Words of Hope daily devotional and adapt it for their own context. Pray that their increasing outreach through social media would draw people to Christ as well. 

Uganda — Give thanks that listener feedback is increasing, as more individuals call or send text messages to the radio station after each program is aired. In the last quarter, over 300 phone calls were received in which individuals asked for counseling and prayer. Nearly 150 text messages contained followup questions concerning the Scriptures addressed in the programs. Please pray that more programmers could be found to join the Ugandan team. 

Bhutan — Please pray for our team in Bhutan as they begin creating and sharing Christian videos through social media. Pray that these videos would be seen by the right people, and that placing them online will not prove risky for our producers. Pray that the biblically-based programs would stand out in a sea of other social media content and serve to draw people to Christ. 

Indonesia — Pray that God will raise up the right person to lead the ministry in Indonesia. The search for a new leader has been long and difficult. Give thanks that meaningful ministry continues in the interim through volunteer board leadership. Pray for the team as they produce programs and support listener groups who gather in homes to listen to the radio broadcasts together.  

Albania — Give thanks for the positive feedback that is being shared in response to Words of Hope’s Albanian television programming, which features interviews with Albanian Christians. One viewer wrote: “The stories of the people being interviewed in the program help one realize the freedom that each of them enjoys in their lives when they encounter, are introduced to, and get to know the life-changing truth of the man Christ Jesus.”

Nepal — Thank you for your continued prayers for our work in Nepal. There is hostility towards Christianity and persecution of Christians that still occurs here. Christian outreach work is threatened, and poverty plagues the lives of many. Nevertheless, those on our team are standing boldly together as the body of Christ and preaching the good news of Jesus. They are planting churches and discipling radio listeners. Please keep praying for them.