Prayer and Service

Claudia Elzinga

READ : 1 Chronicles 4-6

Here and there in the genealogical records we have a note about an individual. Jabez is called “more honorable than his brothers.” He was a man of prayer who desired God’s blessing and His protection and “God granted what he asked” (4:10). Mention is made of expert soldiers “ready for service” (5:20). While they were carrying out their responsibilities they were also praying and God “granted their entreaty because they trusted in him.”

We must pray and we must be honorable. We cannot expect God to hear our prayer if we are dishonest in any way. And we must pray and carry out our responsibilities. Prayer is not a substitute for hard work but the hardest work will be in vain if we do not look to God for help. And our prayer must be accompanied by faith. We expect God to answer our prayer in wonderful ways because we put our trust in Him.

There were also those who were “in charge of the service of song” (6:31). Faith in the true God is a singing faith. We have reason to sing. Those who provide the musical ministries of the church carry out a worthy form of service. In seminary we were warned that the musical ministry of the church could be the “war department,” but it need not be so if those who minister in music have a sense of calling.

PRAYERFather, answer our prayers to Your glory and use our service for Your glory. For the sake of Christ. Amen.