Bringing the Gospel to Bhutan


A team of young men in Bhutan are working with Words of Hope to reach the Monpa people with the gospel. The Monpa do not yet have a fully translated version of the Scriptures, and they have had no access to Christian media . . . until now! 

Among the Monpa people group, there are less than two hundred believers that we know of. That is less than one percent of the population. An almost uniformly Buddhist people group, persecution for Christian converts can come quickly from others in the community. Our ministry team members have themselves experienced persecution. Churches have been threatened, and believers have been forced to leave their communities. 

It is hard to imagine how people in this situation could continue to share about Christ without fear, but the team leader says, “Christ does not fix all our problems. He came for something much deeper. You have to count the cost. Be ready to carry the cross. When the Holy Spirit is working, people come to faith. We should encourage people to be bold. Christ will build his church.”

The team of Bhutanese leaders are brave in the face of persecution, organized in their approach to media production and church planting, and on fire with their vision from the Lord to help every Monpa person hear the gospel message. Already they have distributed the first SD cards containing Christian messages and songs in the Monpa language. 

Many individuals only speak the Monpa language. One elderly lady cried tears of joy when she first heard the programs. Though she is not yet a believer, we know the messages are already speaking to her heart, and we trust the Holy Spirit to be at work. 

The team leader shares: “We are really thankful to Words of Hope for all your prayers and support and partnership because we believe that through this partnership, now we can effectively share the gospel. We have passion and zeal, but need to further develop our skills, like sound mixing and YouTube programs.”

Your generous donations help us raise the funding needed to support these media missionaries to the Monpa, and in other hard-to-reach places of the world. Thank you!