Christmas 2020

Niger is one of the world’s most economically impoverished nations. Many Nigeriens make barely enough money to survive each day. They rely on subsistence agriculture or raise livestock. Christians in Niger—who make up less than 1% of the population—do not have excess resources to give away.

And still... Christians in Niger are giving an incredible gift right now, and we hope that you will join them! Christian families in Niger are each donating the money to purchase one micro-SD card for Words of Hope to load with Christian content and gift to a nonbeliever in the community. These cards can be inserted in phones and play 300 gospel messages and Christian songs.

There are 22.4 million people in Niger who do not know Jesus, and billions more around the world. You can make it possible to expand the reach of this ministry, in Niger and around the world. How many people could you reach with your most generous gift?


No donations are accepted at this time