Connecting Online in Turkey


Words of Hope shares the good news of the gospel through media. Tools like radio, social media, and YouTube allow many people to hear about God at the same time.

But we also know that people need personal follow-up in order to be discipled and grow in their faith. So we are thankful that technology can work both ways—allowing one person to amplify their message to a larger audience, while also providing means for individuals to respond to the programs and have one-on-one conversations with producers and follow-up workers. 

One day a woman named Elif messaged Words of Hope’s partner radio station in Turkey via WhatsApp. Elif shared that she wanted to become a Christian, and asked for help to be connected to a local church. 

Team members were able to follow up with Elif personally and hear her story. She shared that she suffers from schizophrenia and must take medication. She also explained that she has read the entire Quran twice, but remains convicted that what she has read in it is not the truth. 

Elif has listened to the radio programs for a long time. She finds the worship music to be very peaceful, and the testimonies of how Christ has changed people’s lives have touched her as well. 

At this point, she does not know much about Christ. The team was able to share with her that being a Christian means accepting Jesus into your life and repenting of your sins. She received some discipleship materials and a Bible, and now continues to meet with one of the team members who shares about the love of Christ with her. The team member reads the Bible with her and answers any questions she has as she studies. 

Please pray with us that Elif will come to know Christ personally, and that her life will be changed as her faith grows.