December Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

TIBET: Give thanks for the following message recently received from a teacher who has been listening to the Words of Hope Tibetan programs for nearly 20 years: “It is because of your hard work that I can enjoy a variety of meaningful topics every day. Thank you for your health CDs and literature, which I have received in the mail. The recording quality of your CDs is very good, and all my friends appreciate your work as well.”

BHUTAN: A time of training on the topic of discipleship has proved helpful for Words of Hope’s Bhutanese producers. Their goal was to learn how to better share the gospel by following Jesus’ model for discipleship. While the producers hope that their efforts will help all ethnicities living in Bhutan, they are focusing especially on speaking to native Bhutanese people, who are one of the most unreached people groups in the world.

UGANDA: Give thanks for the success of two special call-in radio programs that are having a positive impact in Uganda. Both programs are contests—one challenges listeners to memorize and recite a passage of Scripture, the other requires participants to perform a song. Both programs are getting radio listeners to engage on a deeper level with Scripture and other Christian media content as they compete to become the audience favorite!

NIGER: Pray for recent convert Balki, a divorced mother of two, who had to move back in with her father after her divorce. Her father, a Muslim teacher, refused to talk with her, and responded to her requests for forgiveness with brutality. Upon hearing a radio program about forgiveness in Christ, Balki got connected with a local church, and became a Christian. Pray that Balki can secure a job in order to provide for her children and not need to rely on her father.

ARABIC: Give thanks that an Arabic translation of the book Seeking God’s Face is now complete, and the first print-run of copies is ready for distribution. The goal is to share the book throughout Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. Already, the resource has been given to all pastors who attended the Synod of the Nile conference in October. Pray that this book will be a blessing to many.

NEPAL: Pray for Words of Hope’s Nepali media coordinator and his family as they continue to adjust to life back in Nepal after spending time in the US for training. Give thanks that the children are enrolled in school, and pray that scholarships would come through to make their tuition payments more affordable. Pray for guidance as surveys are underway to assess the effectiveness of the various radio stations in Nepal that carry the Words of Hope broadcasts.

TURKEY: Give thanks for the following good report from our Turkish producer: “We are doing well. The Lord is at work. Many people in Turkey are searching for truth and stability in their lives. What a privilege we have being here at such a time as this to proclaim the wonderful news of Jesus both through mass media and through personal relationships! Thank you for supporting us both prayerfully and financially. We are grateful!”

INDIA: Give thanks for these encouraging words from our South Asia Director: “I would like to thank you for all your precious support and prayers. The Lord has blessed our ministry activities. Our staff has had several opportunities to reach out to new people with the gospel in various places. Many staff members have also been invited to speak in mainline churches in India, and have had wonderful experiences ministering in those gatherings as well.”

SOUTH SUDAN: At a recent pastors’ retreat held in Uganda, Words of Hope’s Dinka and Nuer language producers came together to participate. These producers hail from the two South Sudanese tribes that have been at civil war with each other for years. The men joined together in a powerful time of prayer and fellowship for their troubled country. Pray that God will be at work for peace in that land through their ministry.

INDONESIA: Give thanks for the following testimony from a woman named Grace who lives in Indonesia: “I always start my day by listening on my radio to the truth of God’s Word through your program. I am grateful that in the midst of my limitations, even though I am illiterate, God still gives me the opportunity to listen to good news from radio. I pray that the good news of Jesus Christ can echo to the corners of the world until his return.”

ALBANIA: Please pray for outreach efforts into Albania’s neighboring country of Kosovo. Words of Hope broadcasting is shared within Kosovo, where 98% of the population is Muslim. In fact, there are only 1000 Christians scattered throughout 12 different church congregations in the area. Pray that gospel programming will make inroads and touch hearts in this very hard place.

IRAN: Give thanks for the following grateful listener response received by our Iranian producer: “It is amazing how I get answers to my questions through your radio programs!” Pray for our team as they are always working to produce new content for these programs. Pray for them also as they connect with listeners one-on-one to answer follow-up questions that listeners may have. Pray that they will have many opportunities to lead listeners to Christ.