December Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

IRAN — Every month about 72,000 people visit Words of Hope’s Persian Facebook page and read the content there. Approximately 30 messages and comments are sent through the page each day, and commenters are followed up with in less than 24 hours. A recent message read: “I’m a 21-year-old boy, and I want to be a Christian, but I live in a country that strongly opposes this. Please guide me, and help me to know about Jesus!”

ENGLISH — The Words of Hope daily devotional is an important resource loved and used by many people. We frequently hear from readers who receive a copy to read while they are serving time in prison. Give thanks for the following message from a reader: “Daily devotionals are so valuable and precious to us women prisoners. I hope to one day come back to this same prison system that helped me find the Lord and encourage other lost souls with my testimony.”

ALBANIA — Please pray for the country of Albania in the wake of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. This was one of the strongest earthquakes to strike the region in decades, and hundreds of injuries have been reported along with several deaths. Just two months ago, a smaller earthquake also shook the region, which damaged many homes. Pray for efficiency and strength for the rescue and relief workers bringing aid at this time.  

TIBET — Give thanks for the good progress that is being made by the new programmers who have joined the Words of Hope Tibetan team. Their general interest and health scripts are now being used in programs. The radio signal has been strong and listeners are reporting good reception of the programs in their homes. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel through a variety of resources when these listeners communicate with the team. 

INDONESIA — Opung lives in North Sumatra, Indonesia. His radio is his main connection to the world outside his village. As a farmer, he spends his days on his feet tending livestock. “In between his busy schedule, Opung takes time to listen to the radio,” says Words of Hope and Back to God Ministries International’s Indonesian ministry team. “His life is more colorful because every day he can hear the Word of God from his radio.”

NIGER — Give thanks for good listener feedback for both our Hausa and French programs. Pray for wisdom regarding how best to follow up with radio listeners and new converts who live in remote parts of the country. In some areas there are no pastors nearby. Some converts are not aware of any other believers in their community. Pray for strength for believers who are subjected to persecution because of their faith. 

TURKEY — Give thanks for strong and far-reaching signals for radio broadcasts in Turkey. Turkish citizens are free to listen to Christian radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Words of Hope’s Turkish Director has to date produced over 1000 gospel messages for radio and television. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to inspire him with fresh perspectives to share with his listeners. 

INDIA — Most Christian literature available in India has been translated, having originally been written for a Western context. Words of Hope is equipping Indian people to write original Christian literature in their own language. A conference attendee said, “Most Christian organizations are involved in teaching and preaching the gospel, but Words of Hope is the only ministry training us to effectively communicate the good news of Jesus Christ through writing.”

SOUTH SUDAN — Words of Hope’s Dinka radio producer says: “Many people turn to our programs because they enjoy the programs on peace and reconciliation. The reason we choose this topic is to change the mindset of our people from revenge to forgiveness. It is only through forgiveness that people will experience stability and peace in their lives in South Sudan. It is our challenge to follow the footsteps of the Lord in the current instability in our country.”

UGANDA — Give thanks for wonderful feedback being received from listeners in Uganda. In the last few months, the team knows of 67 people who have given their lives to Christ! Words of Hope Uganda is growing as well, as several new programmers have been recently added to the team. Pray that lives would continue to be changed as current believers are discipled and as new converts come to know Christ. 

NEPAL — Give thanks for work being done on a new recording studio inside Cross-Way Church in Kathmandu, Nepal. During the earthquake in 2015, Words of Hope’s partner church’s building was rendered unsafe for use. Now the new structure is nearing completion, and services are once again being held inside the facility. Pray that the radio and media resources developed in the new studio would be listened to by many people throughout the country.  

BHUTAN — Give thanks for the opportunity members of the Bhutan ministry team had to preach the gospel in person recently. Thirty people heard the message, and since then three individuals have begun attending a local house church. Pray that God will continue to be at work in people’s lives to convict them as they hear the gospel preached. Pray that every Bhutanese will have a chance to hear the gospel.