Reflections on Aging

Victoria Elliot

READ : Psalm 90:1-12


It has been four years since I wrote for Words of HOPE. By the time you read this devotional, I will have reached the age mentioned in today’s Psalm: seventy.

Three score years and ten-time to reflect on aging. The dictionary defines reflection as “to think quietly and calmly” and “reaching a conclusion after much thought.”

Thinking back over the years, I recall my parents both passing away in their “seventies” from heart attacks; also my only sister from cancer; my husband from Alzheimers. So, how should I reflect on “aging” since I have now reached a similar age?

I’m thankful that the Lord has allowed me to reach “three score and ten.” I pray that whatever days or years are left for me will be used only to glorify Him!

Having lived with the three illnesses mentioned above, I realize how much we can be of service to others in their illnesses and problems. Time passes so quickly! As each new day adds to our aging, may we put the JOY principle to work in our lives; Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last – and always in that order. You are never too old to choose to be joyful.


What are you doing to advance God’s kingdom; to help your neighbor; to enrich your own spiritual life?