Reflections on Volunteers

Victoria Elliot

READ : Matthew 25:31-41, Matthew 10:42


Reaching the senior citizen age of seventy is no reason why we can no longer be of use in God’s work. Volunteers are needed for many worthy causes.

For example: Several senior citizens from our church provide music for the Saturday evening service at the Veterans Home. Before the veterans can enjoy the service, we must go to their rooms to get them. Some need to be pushed in their wheel chairs. Max is one who needs to hold on to our arms since he is blind. He tried to take his life by putting a gun to his chin. Somehow his aim was not correct, and instead of dying, he became very disfigured and blind. However, he has since become a Christian and loves to attend these Saturday services. I find that volunteering at the Veterans Home is very rewarding – like giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

One doesn’t even have to leave home to be a volunteer. I correct Bible correspondence lessons from prisoners. I also enclose a short letter to each. They seem to be very appreciative of their mail.

And I will always remember the many volunteers who helped care for my husband when he suffered with Alzheimers. I think that is when I began to realize how important a volunteer can be.


Father, open my eyes that I may see the need of being a volunteer for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.