Reflections on Hospitality

Victoria Elliot

READ : Romans 12:10-18


The clipping I cut from the paper showed a picture of an elderly woman and young man enjoying a hearty laugh while doing dishes together. The caption under the picture read, “House-sharing gives the elderly help and companionship; boarders, a home.”

I reflected – was that an answer for my situation? My home and yard seemed to get bigger each year after my husband’s death. But I didn’t want to move. I have a wonderful pet, and dogs aren’t allowed in most condos. So I made it a matter of prayer. It took two years before the prayer was answered.

Now I have staying with me a young man from Canada who attends a local Bible college. Already, after only a month, he is like a grandson.

Verse 13 in our Scripture has been paraphrased by C.S. Lovett as follows; “When you see fellow Christians in need, go to their aid. Be generous in your help! Give the stranger a loving welcome and use your home for the glory of Jesus.”

My name is on the deed of my home, but I firmly believe that my home belongs to the Lord, as well as everything else I have. Tim was a total stranger when we met, but he is now a very good friend.


Father, may we be more willing to share the things You have allowed us to call our own. In Jesus’ name. Amen.