Reflections on Missions

Victoria Elliot

READ : Acts 16:6-10, Isaiah 54:2-4


The words in the Isaiah passage were addressed to the people of Israel when they were in captivity. But I would like to apply them to us today – the church! We are told to get a bigger tent (our sphere of influence must become larger). Next, we should lengthen the ropes which support this larger tent – and then strengthen the stakes to which these ropes are fastened. God wants the church to have a burning passion for lost souls. A church without this passion is selfish and not a true representative of the greatest missionary who ever lived – Jesus.

We sing, “Bring them in . . . bring them in from the fields of sin,” but has our tent been getting bigger? Why are there still so many unreached people groups in the world now? How do we strengthen the stakes?

  1. by teaching all Christians the mission needs in our churches (too many remain indifferent to those needs).
  2. by mobilizing our material resources (finances); Christians give liberally in a national calamity, but what about the millions who starve spiritually because of our disinterest?
  3. by mobilizing manpower (volunteers).
  4. by strengthening our church prayer life. A church may have many members, but without a spirit of missions (soul-winning), it is dying.


Father, we thank You for missionaries – those who go and those who remain at home. In Jesus’ name. Amen.