Reflections on Friends

Victoria Elliot

READ : 1 Samuel 18:1-6, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 18:24


Friends are a priceless gift from God. According to the dictionary, a friend is one person linked to another by esteem, respect, or affection.

There is a saying, “Variety is the spice of life.” I have a variety of friends – old and young; tall and short; large and small; black and white. They all add spice to everyday living. With some, I share “fun times,” playing table games; with some, I share spiritual experiences and discussions of the Bible; with some, I patronize McDonald’s. I have one friend who prays regularly for me and my grandchildren. How I appreciate that! A true friend does not become angry when differences of opinions arise.

According to the Scripture, a brother may let you down, but a real friend will not. Jonathan and David were true friends. In fact, their friendship is difficult to improve upon. They made a covenant with each other to stick together. Jonathan kept this agreement when David was in trouble. He would do anything to save David’s life.

But we know that Jesus is the most wonderful friend of all. He says, “You are my friends if you do what I command you” (John 15:14). Notice the if. We must obey Him to be His true friends.


Thank You, Father, that my best Friend died for me so that He could become My Savior. Help me to provide the friendship others need. In His name. Amen.