Reflections on Taking Risks

Victoria Elliot

READ : Esther 8:3-7, Esther 4:13-17


The dictionary defines risk as exposure to danger, jeopardy. Many times risks turn out to be beneficial. I recently viewed the Dave Dravecky movie. I was impressed with the great risk he took in going back to pitch in the major league after experiencing the extreme cancer surgery in his pitching arm. Later, when amputation of his arm was necessary, how good it was to hear him say, “God had other plans for my life.” That risk led him to serve God in a different way than playing baseball. Now Dave’s telling people of God’s providential care through speaking and writing.

Our Scripture tells of a queen who experienced God’s providential care too. Esther risked her life by entering the king’s court without his invitation. She went to save her people, the Jews, from extermination. God moves in the affairs of a nation by using risks, such as Esther’s. Remember her remark, “If I perish, I perish.”

Many people told me I took a risk when I opened my home to Tim. But I believe taking that risk has proved to be providential.

Many have risked their lives in other ways; and who can forget the five missionaries who risked and lost their lives to bring salvation’s message to the Auca Indians!


Father, we take risks every day – but we are so thankful that You are in control of those risks. In Jesus’ name. Amen.