Reflections on Suffering

Victoria Elliot

READ : Luke 13:10-14, Matthew 4:23-25, Romans 15:1


Suffering is universal, but recently I learned that young children are aware of our suffering. One of the members of our Alzheimer Support Group shared the following story written by her twelve-year-old grandson, Jack Cardinal.

“My grandpa is eighty-one years old. Eight years ago he had trouble remembering things. The doctor said he had Alzheimers disease, which causes memory loss. My grandpa had many talents; he could weld, fix everything, fly airplanes, raise birds, ride a motorcycle, and most of all, love us.

“Grandpa called the disease `Old Timers.’ I first noticed something was wrong when he couldn’t make us pancakes and he’d wander through the house, not talking. Last summer, grandpa forgot how to walk and eat. We put him in a nursing home because we couldn’t take care of him at home. I go to see him once a month. I like to push his wheelchair and meet new people. Even though he can’t talk, I know he loves me and I love him. Sometimes at night I miss him and I cry.”

How important it is for all of us not to stop loving these suffering people even when they have forgotten how to return that love! Thank you, Jack, for reminding us to keep loving these hurting people.


Father, help us to be like little children in showing our love for those who suffer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.