Reflections on Leprosy

Victoria Elliot

READ : 2 Kings 5:1-3, 9-14


Have you heard of the miraculous way a little boy and his pig helped thousands of children around the world? Fifty years ago a little boy named Wilbur Chapman was given three dollars to buy a toy. But instead of spending it for a toy, he bought a piglet and named him Pete. Pete grew very quickly. Several months later, Wilbur sold Pete for $25 – just enough money to support one leper in Africa for one year.

When the American Leprosy Mission heard about Wilbur’s story, they were so pleased that they had “Pete the Pig” banks made and distributed them to Sunday schools all across the United States so that other boys and girls could share in the healing of people with leprosy.

In today’s Scripture we see also how ONE person, a little maid, was able to help in the cure of a captain in the Syrian army. Had she remained silent regarding her knowledge of the prophet’s ability, Naaman would not have been cured.

What lessons can we learn from these two stories? First, forget about our “wants,” and give to others, as Wilbur did-and next, be ready to speak when you can help others as the little maid did.


Father, health is such a blessing. May we grow in compassion toward all “untouchables.” In Jesus’ name. Amen.