Revival Singing

Eildert Zwart

READ : 2 Chronicles 29:20-31


Since revival is primarily something that God does in our hearts, it’s hard to create a picture of what it looks like for our visually oriented culture. Revival is also a process, so we can see it better in a moving picture than in a still one.

As the camera pans past the events of this revival under Hezekiah, we see that it took the Levites only 16 days to completely clean and reconsecrate the temple. So, one of the images of revival is the great energy and enthusiastic commitment God’s people have for spiritual activity.

As we watch the offerings for sin (vv. 20-24), we see that there can be no revival without genuine sorrow and repentance from sin. Because of Christ, we no longer need to bring animals for bloody sacrifices. A far greater and more lasting sacrifice was made when Christ’s blood was shed for our sin.

As the camera turns away from the smoking altars, we also see the faces of the worshipers and hear their songs of joyous praise. So, what does revival look like? Well, we cannot see everything God does in a revival, but the pictures we do see show us that when God’s people “seek His face and turn from their wicked ways” they experience a renewed enthusiastic commitment; sorrowful repentance and joy that’s expressed in singing praises to God.


All-wise God, bring revival to our hearts so that we might move through repentance to rejoicing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.