Wear Some Old Clothes

Eildert Zwart

READ : 2 Chronicles 34:9-19


Today’s passage describes an unbelievable situation! Somehow, God’s Word had been lost for many years; and it wasn’t until King Josiah gave instructions to cleanse and purify the temple that the Bible was found. Even then, it doesn’t sound as if they were looking for the Bible, but that they found it “by accident.” It’s no wonder the nation had once more fallen away from God; they were no longer hearing Him speak, and they did not know what He wanted them to do. They were floundering in moral uncertainty.

But, before we criticize these ancient Jews, let’s think about ourselves and our hold on God’s Word. I am sure that many people would be very upset and angry if the government tried to take our Bibles away from us. But, how often and how regularly do you read the Bible? And, how well do you know the content of the Bible?

You see, there really isn’t much difference between a Bible that’s lost somewhere in the ruins of an old temple and a Bible that lays on a table or sits in a drawer, and is never read. The only Bible that can provide you with God’s comfort and care, or His correction and counsel, is the Bible that you read.


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, grant that Your Word may once more be the lamp to our feet and the light upon the path of all Your people. In Jesus’ name. Amen.