Can't or Won't

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 1:27-36
Judges 2:1-5

(I hope the hard-to-pronounce names in Judges don’t bother you. I suggest a sense of humor as you stumble over them. Most likely no one else you know can do any better!)

Can’t or won’t? That’s always a good question to ask of ourselves!

The Israelites had been commanded by God to completely destroy all the nations of Canaan, so that they would not lead the Israelites into sin through intermarriage or idol worship (Deut. 7:1-6). Our text tells us that this commandment was not obeyed, with the reason given that the tribes were not able to defeat the enemy. Yet that was not the case, as the tribes were able to enslave the nations around them. Was it really a case of can’t?

Many families think they can’t reduce the influence of the world on them. They can’t eliminate certain TV shows from their viewing habits. They can’t tell their friends that church is a priority for them. They can’t say no to the temptation to keep up with the spending habits of everyone else. Is it can’t, or won’t?

God will not protect us from the influence of evil if we will not do what we can to protect ourselves.


Father, forgive us for our excuses. Help us to choose a way of life that will honor You and keep us strong. Through Jesus, our Lord. Amen.