Crediting God

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 2:6-11

It is said that every church is only one generation away from extinction. Actually, in today’s mobile society, decline can come more quickly; a church can lose its vitality in only a few years. God wants to use you to help maintain that vitality.

It seems incredible that in only one generation the people of Israel had forgotten what the Lord had done for their nation. Of course, there were reminders everywhere: they lived in houses instead of tents, with crops instead of manna, on parcels of land they could call their own. Most likely, the history of the conquest of Canaan was not lost.

Though they knew the history, people no longer connected that history with God. They began to take their history for granted, and thereby lost an important connection with the God who had brought them into the land.

How did you get where you are? Take a moment to remember some key people in your Christian heritage: parents and grandparents, influential people, great heroes of faith. How did God help them and work through them? How did God use them to bring you to the place you are today? How can God use you to impact the next generation?


We praise You, O heavenly Father, for what You can do to make people good. Make us good, too, through the power of Jesus. Amen.