Leadership that Lasts

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 2:16-19

The judges were strong, charismatic leaders who rallied people behind them. They won great victories during their own lifetimes, but had little positive effect after their deaths. Why?

The reason is the inability of the judges to make a significant impact upon the personal lives of the people (v. 17). The judges were good at motivating and mobilizing people; they were unsuccessful at changing the beliefs and commitments of the people.

Church leaders need to be good at motivating and mobilizing people, so that the church organization prospers. If that’s all they are able to do, however, their impact will be short-lived. Leaders with long-term impact are able to help people develop a personal faith of their own. They get people to respond directly to God, not just through the leader.

If you are a leader, do you care as much about why people serve as you do about how active they are? Are you more concerned about loyalty to you as a leader, or about the growth of the people you lead?

If you are a follower, are you developing a relationship with God independent of those who lead you? Appreciate the gifts of leaders in your church, but don’t use them as a crutch or an excuse for a lazy faith.

PRAYER Lord of the church, help our church get down to business. Amen.