Paganism Around Us

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 2:19-23
Judges 3:1-6

As I write this, the Iowa governor has just “pulled the plug” on MTV at the Governor’s Mansion. Why do our young people have to grow up in a world where Beavis and Butthead are folk heroes? Why does God allow so many negative influences in our culture? Judges suggests three reasons:

  • (2:20) Believers have wanted to become like everyone else, and have failed to provide an alternative to pagan culture.

  • (2:22) Life is a test: God wants us to choose His ways from the cafeteria of lifestyles in our world today.

  • (3:2) We can’t depend upon “Christian culture” to protect us; every generation must make its own choices and take its stand for God’s ways.

The Israelites often failed to make the right choices, marrying unbelievers and embracing their gods and values. Although the results of those failures were catastrophic, the growing influence of pagan culture was gradual and almost imperceptible.

Take a moment to think about the “pagan” influences that are most threatening to Christians and their families today. What choices have you made to set yourself apart from some of the evil aspects of contemporary culture?


Holy God, make us wise to the world, and help us to live our convictions. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.