God Can Use Anybody

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 3:12-30

This is a good time to remind ourselves that not every biblical character is a good example to follow! Ehud’s deceitful lies and treachery did not honor God.

Why then did God use Ehud to deliver His people? They had cried out to the Lord! He wanted to deliver them! God refused to let the shortcomings of Ehud frustrate His desire to deliver His people. God has cared for His people in spite of the shortcomings of their leaders.

Do you ever wonder at the people God uses? We look at well-known leaders who take off on ego trips, pastors who run over people to get their way, and pillars of the church with feet of clay, and we wonder: How can God use people like that? He’s not doing it to reward their actions but for the good of His people. God’s church has survived and prospered despite the repeated failings of church leaders.

Does that mean we can cut corners in our desire to win victories for God? No, to do so would be personally offensive to God, and eventually counter- productive. (The sins of church leaders always hurt the church!) On the other hand, if we are afraid to witness or teach or lead because we are “not good enough,” we should trust God to use us in spite of our weaknesses, while we pray for godly character.


Thank You, Jesus, for using imperfect people like us to do significant things in Your kingdom. May we honor You as we do great things. Amen.