Unlikely Leaders

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 4:1-10
Judges 5:1-12

I wonder how many of us could list at least one reason why we are unlikely leaders for God’s church. I’ll bet most of us could list several!

Deborah was an unlikely leader. Although there are other female prophets in the Old Testament, she is the only female judge. Most likely she became the judge of Israel because no man was willing to take the job, which might be more dangerous for a potential military leader. Yet as Deborah listened to God, she excelled in faith and leadership ability, becoming an exceptional motivator of both men and women.

Barak was also an unlikely leader. He was a coward, who in a time of macho bravery depended on a woman for his courage. Yet his cowardice did not stop him from responding to God’s direction, as it came through Deborah.

You may not have much natural leadership ability. You may be lacking in education or speaking skills or even faith. You may have been passed over for some office in the church, or you may have experienced failure. Don’t let these things stop you from obeying God and being an example and motivator. God’s greatest qualification for leadership is obedience. He calls you to trust and obey.


Our heavenly Father, help each of us to find our unique calling and to be faithful to what we can do. Through Jesus, our Leader. Amen.