Risk and Win!

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 4:12-16
Judges 5:15-23

The call went out for soldiers to follow Barak. In the tribe of Reuben, many thought about going, but decided it was safer to mind their own business around their relatively secure campfires. In the tribes of Dan and Asher, men stayed by their ships, hiding in the safe coves along the Mediterranean Sea.

In Zebulun and Naphtali, however, the men came out in force to risk their lives for freedom, in obedience to God’s call. Their obedience was rewarded, as God miraculously intervened. He sent a rainstorm to flood the dry river bed of the Kishon River, disabling Sisera’s 900 “high-tech” iron chariots. The men of Zebulun and Naphtali won a great victory!

Have you ever had a choice between “playing it safe” and taking a risk for God? Perhaps you have been asked to teach, or take a leadership role, or someone is reaching out to you for help and you’re not sure you can handle the job or the people involved. Do you put more weight on the call of God, or on the relative safety of your life as it is?

The people who see God work mightily are usually the ones who follow Him into situations beyond their natural abilities. If God is calling us, we should exercise our faith and give our best to the challenge before us, counting on God to help us do more than we thought we could.


Lord, give us the faith to try. Amen.