Hello, Mighty Warrior!

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 6:1-16

The angel calls Gideon a “mighty warrior.” Is this some sort of joke? Do mighty warriors hide in winepresses to thresh their grain so that the enemy will not take it from them? Do mighty warriors claim to be helplessly abandoned by God? Do mighty warriors describe themselves as the weakest of the weak?

Yet Gideon is a mighty warrior because God says he is, and he will believe God and act as if he is. In God’s eyes he is already the mighty warrior he will become.

Are you a mighty warrior: a strong Christian, with courage and convictions and faith? Do you follow God when the odds are against you, and win surpris- ing victories? Don’t answer from what you have done or how other people see you; answer from what God wants to make you!

The Lord is with you, mighty warrior! What do you plan to do today? Do you need to raise your expectations for what God can do through you? Do you need to pray for the power of God working in you?


Forgive us, Lord, for living small lives when You have called us to be mighty warriors. Fill us with the life of Jesus, our Source of life. In His name. Amen.