Hesitant Heroes

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 6:17-32

Gideon is not by nature a great hero of faith or courage. Realizing that an angel of God is commanding him to tear down the town idols, he does it under cover of darkness because he is afraid of his family and the townspeople. When he is accused of the deed, only his father’s quick thinking saves him. This does not look like a man who makes a habit of standing up for his convictions. Yet in Hebrews 11, Gideon is listed on the honor roll of faith heroes. Why? He did what he had to do hesitantly, and he did it with fear and trembling, but he did it! He did not allow his fears to stop him.

I suspect that among God’s list of faith heroes there are people like these: a mousy office worker who told her boss she wouldn’t cooperate in an immoral business scheme, an insecure teenager who protested when his friends treated girls like trophies to be claimed, a shy suburbanite who invited a neighbor to an outreach activity, a quiet student who spoke up for truth in a hostile classroom, a meek man who rebuked a friend for his sins.

Faith is not doing what comes easily or naturally; faith is doing what God commands, even when it seems beyond our capabilities. With God’s help, you can do what you should do.


Lord, increase our faith! Make us into heroes, despite our fears. Amen.