Not By Might

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 7:1-25

A prominent pastor once wrote an article entitled, “Why I Don’t Set Goals.” He said the reason he didn’t set goals was that he wanted to depend upon the direct leading of the Holy Spirit. Then he proceeded to tell how his church tried to help people grow in worship, relationship, and ministry! Aren’t those goals?

Does it honor God more to grow a church without goals and a game plan? On a personal level, is it more desirable to be healed without going to the doctor, or to overcome depression without help? We should be careful how we read the Bible!

God directed Gideon to keep only 300 men so that the people would have to credit God for their victory. God was active throughout the story, encour- aging Gideon through the dream of an unbeliever and causing confusion in the camp of Midian. Only after the Midianites were in flight did He allow the forces of Israel to be called out.

What’s the point? God must get the credit. A successful consistory planning session is a work of God. The acute insight of a doctor is a gift of God. The motivation of many to help on a project is a sign of the Holy Spirit’s activity.

The danger of failing to credit God for blessings or success is real, however.


We want to pause right now, God, to recognize that without You our efforts would not mean much. In Jesus’ name. Amen.