Begging For Leader

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 10:17-18
Judges 11:1-11

Pity the pastor or other church leader who has to go to the “fringes” of the congregation to beg people to serve in positions of leadership or influence. Often these people on the fringes are competent, in a secular sense. Sometimes they have been unfairly passed over. But the question often expressed is, “Why do you come to me now?” And that is understandable.

Jephthah was one of those people, who had been unfairly excluded from Gilead because of his illegitimate birth. He had proven skills in military leadership, and at least a little faith in God; yet it was a sad commentary upon the men of Gilead that none of them was willing or able to take leadership. Others, more godly, should have been available.

What is your church doing to develop potential leaders? Do you care enough about those who stay on the edges of church life to help them grow before the church gets desperate for help? Do they know you care about them personally, not just as potential teachers or leaders, but as people who need a closer walk with God?

Checkpoint: If you did not have the responsibility of leading others, would you be a growing Christian?


Jesus, as on earth You called disciples and poured Your life into them, do the same today, to Your church and to us. Use us in Your service. Amen.