Leaders Need Spiritual Maturity

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 11:29-40

“The Spirit of the Lord came upon Jephthah.” God chose to work through him, and a victory was won. Surely this was an expression of God’s compelling desire to save His people, by whatever means necessary.

Even though the Spirit came upon him for a time, Jephthah showed an appalling lack of spiritual discernment. He made a foolish vow in an attempt to buy God’s help, never dreaming that his vow would require the death of his only daughter. Then he kept his vow, supposedly because God required it, but perhaps more to save face. Yet in keeping his vow he was breaking another direct command of God not to sacrifice sons or daughters (Deut. 12:31). Jephthah simply did not know enough about God’s law and character to make wise choices; he had not been prepared for spiritual leadership.

Leaders who do not have spiritual maturity do foolish things! If you are a leader in the church, or may be a leader some day, you ought to be develop- ing the spiritual maturity that will keep you from making stupid moves in the name of faith. Not only does the well-being of the church depend upon your growth; your own fulfillment in leadership also depends upon the maturity you bring into leadership.


Lord, we know our weaknesses. Strengthen us daily by Your Spirit. Amen.