Foolish Casualties

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 12:1-7

The situation in Judges is getting worse, chapter by chapter. Now the tribes are even fighting against each other. It’s hard for us to see what this fight is all about, except foolish jealousy and pride. The fight starts over lies and name calling; it ends with 42,000 men killed because they pronounced their words differently.

Meanwhile, Israel was not lacking for real enemies. These enemies were often seen as too strong or too dangerous to confront; ironically, the casualties in fighting each other were greater.

Maybe this gives us some insight into “church fights.” They begin with petty jealousy or lies, and end up with casualties. Usually they happen in churches that are failing to confront the real enemies of Christ. Sometimes they are started by people who have failed to “get on board” with a new initiative and resent its success. In the church, the struggle against evil is never completed. Those who are frustrated by their own lack of involvement can be given repeated opportunities to share the vision and become a meaningful part of a successful effort. Are you seeking to be a peacemaker in your church and in your community?


Father, we pray for churches troubled by conflict. Help our church to be focused on Your work, not petty issues. Through Christ. Amen.