How Shall I Raise Him?

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 13:6-25

Put yourself in Manoah’s shoes. Would you have believed that your wife saw an angel? (Be honest, husbands!) Would you, like him, feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising such a special child (v. 8)? Would you have been in a state of shock and fear when you realized that God Himself had given you a message? What would you have thought when your rather rebellious son showed evidence of the Spirit of God “stirring” in him (v. 25)?

The drama may not be as great for us today, but the reality is just as awesome. Our children are special to God holy and chosen by Him. God Himself takes an interest in them; His Holy Spirit will be active in their lives. Any parent who doesn’t feel a little inadequate hasn’t understood what an awesome task it is to raise holy children. It certainly takes the help of God.

Many parents have prayed as Manoah did, “Teach us how to bring up this child.” God answers that prayer with more than wisdom; He challenges parents to walk more closely with Him in their daily lives. When parents grow, and the Holy Spirit works in both parents and children, the prayer is being answered!


Father, we pray today for parents: for wisdom, for faith, for humility before You, and a sense of wonder at their privilege. Help us to respond to Your grace in Jesus Christ. Amen.