Spiritual Power

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 8:5-10
Romans 8:5-10

“The Spirit of the Lord came upon him in power so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands” (v. 6). Did you know the Holy Spirit was active already in the Old Testament? There are several examples, with impressive demonstrations of power when the Spirit came.

What is not seen in the Old Testament, however, is the Holy Spirit taking up residence within a person in a personal, permanent way. Jesus is the only person in the Bible to receive “the Spirit without limit” (John 3:34). After His ascension, the Holy Spirit is given to every believer, as a personal and permanent companion and guide. Every Christian today is able to experience the power and presence of God in a personal way, through the Holy Spirit. We are responsible to make that potential a reality.

The Holy Spirit may not give us the power to rip lions apart with our bare hands. He will, however, give us the power to resist the false beauty of this world and the dangerous lure of evil, which is more than Samson did. And that is greater than the power to do mighty physical deeds. He can cause us to abound in Christlike characteristics.


Spirit of God, give us the wisdom we need to resist temptation and overcome the evil forces we meet up with every day, as Jesus promised. In His name. Amen.