Insulting the Spirit

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 16:1-22

When you think about it, this seems like a small sin! Samson was a murderer, an arsonist, and a regular customer of prostitutes. Can’t we excuse his poor judgment in trusting Delilah? Why is his hair such a big deal?

The cutting of Samson’s hair comes dangerously close to the only sin that is finally unpardonable: abusing the Holy Spirit (see Mark 3:29.) Samson has lived dangerously all his life! He has treated the rare gift he has received as something cheap. He has restricted the Holy Spirit to a small compartment in his life. He has offended the Holy Spirit by his sinful, self-centered lifestyle. This final offense is the worst because it devalues the gift of his strength and the Holy Spirit who gave it.

Think of the gifts you have received! You have been chosen by God to be His child. You have received forgiveness through the death of God’s own Son. You have received the Holy Spirit as a permanent possession. Do you value those gifts? Does your awe of God and His gifts lift you out of your self- centeredness? Do you see your sins as an offense against God, who has given you such awesome gifts?

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

Ephesians 4:30


Forgive us, Lord, for our casual attitude toward the spiritual privileges we have. Through Christ who has redeemed us. Amen.