The Greatest Tragedy

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 16:21-31

What a tragic figure Samson is! He had a strong body, but such a weak mind. He was used by God, but was not close to God. He had so much potential, but it all seemed to be wasted. For 20 years he won great victories, but he did so little good.

What hope is there for a failure like Samson? Why did the writer point out that his hair began to grow again? The hair could not repair his broken Nazirite vows! No remorse could change the fact that he had despised the gift of God, dragging it through the mud. Samson had cut himself off from God; what hope was there for him? How gracious can God be?

Yet in Samson’s final hour, he recognizes God as sovereign, and calls upon Him at great personal cost. The grace of God prevails, and a forgiven Samson is later listed among the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11. What a great example of the grace of God! And how gracious God has been to us!

Are you trying to keep God out of certain areas of your life? Are there friends or social events, or business dealings or character flaws that are “off limits” to God’s Spirit? Some day you may wake up and realize how you have wasted God’s gifts and offended God. That would be very foolish! Do you need to make some specific changes in your life?


Lord, if any part of our lives have been “off limits” to You, we pray that You will help us yield to You in those areas also. Amen.