A Wake-Up Call

Victor Folkert

READ : Judges 19:1-30

How bad can the world get? As I write this, several shocking events of violence have been in the news; the actions seem unbelievable, and many people are wondering how we reached this state of affairs.

Things have become worse than we can imagine in Israel. This Levite, whose marriage is far from perfect, has retrieved his unfaithful wife. Needing a place to stay, he purposely chooses an Israelite city to spend the night. In this city, the ancient requirements of hospitality are being ignored, except by one old man, who takes the strangers into his home. There, the disgraceful scene from decadent Sodom is repeated, going even one step further to the death of the man’s concubine. And this has happened in Israel! What a wake-up call!

“In those days, Israel had no king.” It was not a king they lacked, but law and not just any law, but God’s law.

The violence in our country is the logical result of a long-term erosion of respect for the law of God. Some people are waking up, and calling for personal responsibility and common values. This may be our chance to reaffirm the biblical guidelines for behavior that have been rejected in the past few years.


Father, we pray for the church today: that it may provide the answers, moral guidance, and example our nation needs. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.