Quiet Changes

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Esther 4:1-17

Little black grow lines mark the kitchen walls. Each Sunday Jacob wants to see how much taller he is and feels disappointment when there is no change. “How come I’m not bigger?” We respond with playful instructions: “You need to eat your veggies,” or, “You’ll grow while you take your nap.” The truth is we cannot measure the changes each week. One day we will see his legs are longer, extending from his summer shorts. Surely and quietly he is growing.

God has created us for change, and, except for sin, everything about us inches toward becoming who Christ wants us to be. Occasionally a big event marks a measurable change of deeper trust in God’s will or a greater understanding of His Word. Too often our daily environment resists spiritual change.

God provides redemptive resources through the Holy Spirit. A devotional time opens the eyes of our soul. The Scriptures give instruction for life. Biographies tell how God deals with heroes and villains. Five hundred years before Jesus was born, a beautiful, young Hebrew girl stepped forward to save her people. Queen for only five years, Esther changed from an ornamental possession into a devoted, brave advocate for God’s people. She received strength through fasting and prayer.


Word of Life, during these longer August days, I want to spend more time with You. Help me, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.