The Velvet Chair

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Matthew 16:21-28

Mother loved her red velvet chair. In fact, she loved it so much she did not sit on it, nor did any of us. It might get worn out. Mother had no material treasures while growing up so she cherished this anniversary gift from my father.

Now mother is gone and the house will be sold. Nothing looks the same after moving out the larger furniture pieces. But there’s the chair. The fabric is faded from red to a pink blur. A few nicks on the Queen Anne legs mark it as distressed. The chair is like Mother, aged and gracious. But, her chair is an accessory and it wore out with non-use.

Jesus told a story about three men who were given sums of money. Two of them put their money to good use and doubled the value. The master rewarded their diligence. Sadly, the third man misunderstood his opportunity and buried his “talent.” There was no change, and the master was very displeased.

It is fairly clear that if we don’t use wisely what God gives us, we will lose it. Jesus’ story seems to have a sense of urgency about it, even judgment. It reads as if we have one choice. Use it! We may receive some distress scars from Christian action, but we’re not to avoid His call. H. L. Mencken said, “There’s always an easy solution to every human problem – neat, plausible and wrong!” Jesus’ solution is to be involved in Kingdom work.


We would be used, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.