Godly Reverence

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Revelation 4:6-11

She cried when she prayed. My third-grade Sunday school teacher is now ninety-six years old. She still shows her peaceful smile and crinkly eyes when she speaks. Her voice still trembles and tears fill her eyes when she speaks of God’s goodness and faithfulness through the years. Her face is the kind that lets God’s love show through.

Sometimes we third graders did not listen to her lesson. We certainly did not sit quietly on our little red chairs. We paid attention to patent leather shoes, a sunburn, or sailed a bulletin airplane across the cubicle. But when she prayed, voices hushed, wiggles stopped. We were reverent without being asked.

Reverence. It must have been her attitude toward God and open awareness that God is with us. It was quiet time. Some prayer moments are like that, serene, comforting, as we restore our souls in the Savior’s presence. We lay before Him our delights and distresses. At other times, we pound the portals of heaven with fists of chaos and confusion. “Are You there? Do You hear me cry? Do You care?” Then, like an exhausted child, feeling the struggle spent, our spirits rest hushed. We are held close to our Father. Like a third grader. Like a child of God. Reverence.


Dear Father, sometimes our first impulse is to ignore You and just speak words. Calm our spirits so we enter into Your presence with reverence. Then we can be speechless, and let You say it all. In Jesus’ name. Amen.