What's Your Name?

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Acts 11:19-26

Some days when she comes to our session she is Lydia. On another day she is Violet, or Mummy or Missy. Our work together is to integrate all her personalities distressed, mean, kind, passive and aggressive into one whole. To have one name.

It makes me wonder what name would I choose for myself if I could, a name which would tell clearly who I am, a name representing my personality traits.

In the Bible, names had very particular meanings. Samson is “Sun-hero,” and Ishmael is “may God hear.” Peter is named “the rock” and Barnabas, the “encourager.” Judas’ behavior earned him the name of “betrayer,” like our historical person Benedict Arnold. Today we get impressions from names like Hope, Charity, as well as Grumpy and Darth Vader.

The man Jesus met among the tombs gave his name as Legion, one name for the host of demonic angels. Jesus took charge and demonstrated His power and compassion. He performed a miracle that gave the pleading man wholeness. We don’t know what new name the man took, but Wonder and Joy or Release might do.

We can take the name “Christian.” It truly says it all. We’re forgiven sinners, who try to obey God’s commands, show thankfulness and sacrificial love.


Name of all Names, thank You for giving us wholeness. Forgive us whenever we dishonor the name You give us, and let us be Christian. For Your sake. Amen.