Lady Godiva's Chocolates

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : 2 Timothy 1:1-6

She stood tall, confident, firm of voice and charmed the audience. Her tasseled cap covered her 20 inches of bronze hair. It was June graduation. Could it really be eighteen and one-half years ago when our granddaughter appeared, toothless, bald, and only able to whimper a cry? The theme of her speech was a tribute to special persons who influenced her life. She compared them to a certain brand of chocolates in which one expensive Lady Godiva chocolate is placed, a special stand-out in the crowd. She told of how her life was enriched by teachers who read her well.

Paul mentored Timothy in integrity as they walked together in impressionable years. Paul acknowledged the godly example of Timothy’s family and included himself as a significant part by calling Timothy “my dearly beloved son.” We can picture Paul engaging his young associate in theological discussions. Paul didn’t back away from reminding Timothy of his responsibilities. When Paul mentored, he taught by “walking the talk” also. Paul’s training of Timothy was also the stand-out in the crowd. I wonder what young person might benefit from a mentor. What part of my life would need changing so I could mentor?


Dear Jesus, thank You for teachers who live in Your Way. Let me accept the challenge of mentoring a young person in Your name, and for Your sake. Amen.