A Children's Sermon

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Matthew 18:1-4

Change happens. It would seem progression would follow a natural, chronological flow: the older we become, the more mature. Not so. Spiritual change doesn’t seem to develop sequentially, either. Insightful Jesus, who knows man’s mind and heart, told us to become like a child: obedient, trustful and forgiving.

Jesse is sincere, caring and struggling. He puts forth great effort to concentrate, but his attention span is short. His memory bank is small. His gait is wobbly. He tries so hard to do well. He’s thankful for summer reprieve from school so he doesn’t hear “Egg-head,” “Retard” and “Spec”! Playing alone, he doesn’t get pushed into lockers. “How do you manage?” I ask. His face brightens as he smiles. “Oh, I pray for my enemies.” He means it and practices forgiveness, this nine-year-old special needs child.

Deep inside many adults are the wounds of childhood, verbal batterings, emotional and physical hurts. Some may have learned to “pray for those who spitefully use you” and forgive. Others have not and may not know how. Praise God, every age is the right age to be forgiven and to forgive, beginning today.

PRAYER Father of all, when You invited the little ones to come to You, You surely knew their hurts and needs. Thank You for giving Jesse a gracious spirit. May we follow his example. Show us ways to heal childhood hurts. Fill us with Your Spirit and with childlike trust. In Jesus’ name. Amen.