Holding Strong

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Psalm 55:16-22

It is a hot August Friday. My husband walks in from work just before noon, limping. The next morning his arms are weak and limp. By nightfall he is completely helpless on a hospital bed, with medical staff watching the regression of muscle power. It is frightening to see his vigor dissolve to immobility. We can barely grasp this mercurous illness with a strange name: Guillian Barr? Syndrome.

God sent help! The right medical specialist was in the hospital to give the correct diagnosis. The required technical team was in the building to start the critical plasmapheresis procedure. On Sunday the congregation poured out prayers for healing. Nothing by chance. God in charge.

Crisis intervention must be God’s term. How many millions in fearful experiences have cried out to God? His listening ear is never deaf. (And, aren’t we thankful God does not have call waiting.)

In a 1953 sermon, the late Rev. Dr. Henry Bast preached on prayer as a bridge of faith. His wife had just died and on Sunday he broadcast a message of great assurance regarding God’s faithfulness. The bridge is built daily so when sorrow comes, there is no need to frantically search for the Way. The girders to God are in place.


God of Hope, if we allow You to guide us and trust in Your ways, You’ll give us strength to keep on even through evil days. Thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.