Meeting God

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Exodus 25:1-9

The Israelites lived in tents for generations. They had an awesome tent church. The Ark of the Covenant and the Law were inside, and the Priest met with God in the Holy of Holies. Wherever the Israelites went, the tent church went before them.

The tent of Jehovah was a training place for the religious life of children. They learned about the symbols of faith, the laver of cleansing, the table of shew bread, the golden candlesticks for witness and the incense of prayers rising to God. They learned to come to His Mercy Seat of loving forgiveness.

Tents mean other experiences to us. In our family tent we camped with the mosquitoes and sand. On rainy days, tent-making takes place in our living room, a colorful collection of blankets stretched over the sofa back onto a table and anchored with encyclopedias, Bible commentaries and a filled ceramic pot. Two wiggly bodies suddenly ripped at the tent top and the pot, dirt, and soil mush into the carpeting. This grandmother loses her worshipful attitude while the little ones flee for the wilderness.

At nightfall we build the blanket tent again, minus clay pot. The boys snuggle in to sleep. Under the flap I can see a flashlight, a Rice Krispie cookie, and a tipped-over can of pop. There are two sweaty heads, close and trusting and a sign: “We love you. Come sleep with us.” All is well again.


Dear Father, surely Your presence is in this place. Amen.